Retrieve user profile

How to retrieve a user's profile.

To get the profile of a user you need to call the function getProfile, which will return a promise including the user's information.

🧙 If you only want to retrieve a user's profilegetProfile is a perfect function, but if you also need to retrieve his wallets and even authenticate the user, then it is recommended to retrieve the user account.




const venlyConnect = new VenlyConnect('YOUR_CLIENT_ID'); 
venlyConnect.api.getProfile().then((profile) => {
   console.log(`Users email, ${}, has been successfully executed!`);


  "userId": "46c87fcb-77ed-4433-a425-814569ca1672",
  "hasMasterPin": true,
  "username": "",
  "email": "",
  "firstName": "Karel",
  "lastName": "Striegel"

Function Reference

The function reference describes the different functions that are available in the Widget. For each function, you can find the signature, it's parameters, and possible options documented.


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