Transfer a non-fungible token

How to perform a non-fungible transfer. E.g transfer an ERC721 or ERC1155 token from one wallet to another.

It is not possible to transfer value from a wallet without the approval of the user. Therefore to be able to transfer a token, we will need to do two things: i) create the transfer and ii) ask the user for his approval.

The object that can ask the user his approval is called a Signer, once we've created a Signer object we can use the Signer to perform the token transfer.


//Creating the signer

//Asking the signer to transfer a certain value to a certain destination.
    walletId: '<WALLET_ID>',
    tokenAddress: '<TOKEN_BLOCKCHAIN ADDRESS>',
    tokenId: '<TOKEN_ID>',
    secretType: '<BLOCKCHAIN>',


const venlyConnect = new VenlyConnect('YOUR_CLIENT_ID'); 

//Creating the signer
const signer = venlyConnect.createSigner();

//Asking the signer to transfer ERC20 token to a blockchain address.
    walletId: '71dec640-4eb8-4321-adb8-b79461573fc4',
    to: '0xf147cA0b981C0CD0955D1323DB9980F4B43e9FED',
    tokenAddress: '0x158b6a3540eeced8ecb40f9389e88f0902a3da9f'
    tokenId: '65'
    secretType: 'ETHEREUM',


🧙 The destination of a token transfer is not limited to a blockchain address, we also support email addresses and Unstoppable domains.


    result: {
        transactionHash: "0xe18975940be795f178b2a0bc553a0d40e0ad6ceb72ee5f62ac53f0a816b4460f"
    status: "SUCCESS"

Function Reference

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